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by Moog Williams

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Mobius Paradox is still under construction. I'll keep you updated, though!

UPDATE: 8-30-02.

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to re-enter the hell known to Americans as "High School." Life has been really hectic for the past week or so. I'm adapting quickly to my classes, and this means I have less free time to work on the comic. I'm typing this to warn you people who are anxious with expectation: I might not get the first installation of the comic up anytime in the near future.
I'm still working on it, so don't give up hope yet. ^_^ I have quite a multitude of storylines ready for me to transfer them into comic format. Hmmmm...
Might as well tell you my basic planning...
I'm a fan of Doctor Who, a British science fiction television series. The format for the series is multiple cliffhanger episodes per story. I plan to do something similar. I'll introduce stories in chunks of a few pages, up until I reach a good part for a cliffhanger. If I really get on a roll, you can expect one episode a week. Some of the storylines I've completed are simple little one-shot jobs, but I have quite a few bigger ones. They get bigger as the comic progresses. The longest one I have so far will have quite a few different parts.
Now, in regards to what you can expect content-wise... I'm a very versatile writer. You can expect tons of variety. All of it's sci-fi, of course, but with other genres thrown in. Melodrama, comedy, action, mystery, spy, medical drama, and of course, a few "nice" episodes that make ya feel all warm and bubbly inside!! ::kawaii grin:: Okay. Yeah, I try to mix in a little bit of everything. I do have some darker stories, though. And, I always try to give the stories happy endings, so if you're the kind of person that can't stand stuff that isn't totally angst-filled, you might not like some of the stories.
By the way, did I mention I was painfully honest? =/
Anyways, try to be patient. I'll probably update some more over time before I premiere my comic. Until next time, here's some new art!

Mobius plays a Chapman Stick.
I've been working on my style a bit lately, and I've kinda taken to coloring with coloured pencil. Mobius is playing a Chapman Stick, a stringed instrument played by tapping the frets, therefore enabling one to play it with both hands, like a keyboard. If you wanna hear some Chapman Stick music, go check out The Dark Aether Project. Much of the guitarish work in their first album was done with a Chapman stick. The guitarist has since graduated to a fretted guitar of his own design, but their music's still good. It's progressive rock, but I'd classify it as ISR: Intelligent Space Rock. Anywaaaay...
Tis is the blandest outfit I've ever drawn Mobius in. I'm still working on the wardrobe designs for each character. I really like this pic because it really gets Mobius' style down. A nice, kinda out-of it guy who cares for others more than he does for himself.
Character: Lead Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pencil.
Background: Corel Photo-Paint 8

Taligre plays a theremin.
Back to the old eclectic clothes styles for Taligre! I based this one on Doctor Who # 6's coat.
The theremin was one of the first true electronic music instruments. Normal theremins are operated by playing an electromagnetic field that surrounds the instrument. A good site for info on theremins is the Theremin World site.
Character: Lead Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pencil.
Background: Corel Photo-Paint 8

This guy appears in one of my much later stories. He's half of an electronic music band that joins Mobius and his crew when they do a radio broadcast.
In this picture, he looks to be somewhere in his twenties, but in the story, he's supposed to be about 15. I think I should've made the whiskers a bit shorter. ^_^;;;;
A based the guy on a kid wot rides the same school bus home as I do. The other half of the band is based on one of our mutual friends. I'll hafta draw the other guy soon.
I based the outfit on an ensemble that I dreampt up. It's all pretty much the same, only it's sans necklace, earings, and goggles. [Punky anime-style character design. ^_^]
Character: Lead Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pencil.
Background: Corel Photo-Paint 8

Older Pics

Mobius gets ready to raid the fridge!
This is the first pic of Mobius that turned out really good. Drawn by hand, colored in Corel PhotoPaint 8.

Taligre crashes a costume party.
I like drawing different clothing styles, can you tell? ^_^ This is a victorian-style outfit, inspired by the Third Doctor of Doctor Who. Drawn by hand, colored in Corel PhotoPaint 8.

How'd we get into the Tardis?
Doctor Who tribute pic with Taka as Sarah-Jane Smith, Taligre as Harry Sullivan, and Mobius as Doctor Who [Fourth incarnation, originally portrayed by Tom Baker, to be precise...]!!

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